Bitcoins: The Popular Digital Currency

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Coin Money Currency Bitcoin Electronic Money

What are they?

Bitcoins are digital currencies, and they operate independently from the central bank. These commodities have become favored among a lot of speculative investors.

How did they exist?

With all the claims by so-called owners, no one really knows how they began. But one thing’s for sure: Bitcoins had a rough and unlikable history. They were first used by hackers to demand ransom and by people to buy illegal drugs online.

How much are they worth?


The cost of one bitcoin has penetrated the $10,000 level, and according to some experts, the price could be higher in the future. However, their value could sway sharply. In fact, their worth could decrease by 22% in just three days.

How do they work?

As the planet’s leading cryptocurrency, it enables people to purchase services and goods. It even allows them to trade money without going through credit card issuers, banks, and other third parties.

As mentioned earlier, they aren’t tied to the government or a bank, enabling people to spend money without their real names attached to every transaction. Bitcoins are made by users who “mine” them by lending computing power to check the deals of other users. In exchange, they receive bitcoins. The coins can also be bought and sold on exchanges with USD and other currencies.

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Why are they popular?

In layman’s term, these coins are lines of computer code which are digitally signed every time they transfer from an owner to another. The transactions can be made in secret as the owners could be incognito. Because of these closed-mouth transactions, bitcoins are popular among libertarians, speculators, tech enthusiasts, and even criminals.

Who are using bitcoins?


Bitcoin_ATM_PlateA lot of business have begun using bitcoins ever since its worth increased by up to 10 times. One company,, have started accepting payments using bitcoins. Other exchange operators also intend to use the cryptocurrency soon after receiving approval from the related regulators. Despite their fame, however, they’re nowhere near the popularity zone of cash and cards. And there are still numerous individuals and businesses that don’t accept them for payment.

Some banking executives even call it a fraud.

How are they kept secure?

Coin Money Currency Bitcoin Electronic Money

Whatever it is you want to invest your money and time in, it’s normal to check the security of your possible investment. The network of bitcoin runs by controlling the greed of individuals for the collective good. Miners* look after the system by putting their computing power into a blockchain, which is a worldwide running tally of each transaction made using bitcoins. The blockchain fends off scoundrels from using the same bitcoin more than once. The miners are then rewarded for their labor with the occasional bitcoin. These miners exert a lot of effort to keep the blockchain secure, which means you don’t have to worry about bogus transactions.

*Miners – A group of tech-savvy people

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