Beer and Polo: The Combination You Never Thought Could Work

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Polo is a game similar to field hockey. Players ride a horse while holding a long-handled polo mallet. It’s fun, exciting, and definitely action-packed.

Beer, on the other hand, is something that could make polo even more fun. The alcoholic drink is tailored for enjoyment, and it complements polo very well.

What’s the proof that they’re a great combination?

The fact that the Victory Cup by BMW and Vineyard Vines will be held this July 14, 2018. It’s going to be America’s Polo Match and Craft Beer Festival at the same time. How cool would that be?

All there’s left to do right now is to attend! But first, you’ll need the tools to repair that old polo mallet of yours. You can do that by visiting



Major partners of the Victory Cup include BMW, Vineyard Vines, Chateau E’sclans wine, Purple Heart Homes, KICKS 105.5, and Examiner Media group.

The event will be sponsored by craft brewers from New York too, which means you’ll be able to enjoy this summer better than you imagined. Local food partners, wineries, breweries, and distilleries will also support the event and make it even grander. The affair is set to have a farm-to-table brunch and dinner, classic cars, live music, beer, and of course, intense polo matches that will make you stand up from your seat!

Why Should You Attend?

Because it’s going to be a blast filled with polo and beer! It’s going to be the best way to brew your best summer! It will be a genuine entertainment experience that will make your tummy and heart full!

If you are in love with craft beer, spirits, wine, horses, and polo, then you better attend the cup. It’s even a family-friendly and pet-friendly event, which means you can bring your children and pets along with you and enjoy the scenic view together.


Plus, alcohol tastings will also be available! Here are the sponsors for that activity:

  • 1857 Spirits
  • Blue Toad Hard Cider
  • Broken Bow Brewery
  • Clifton Cider
  • Cooperstown Distillery
  • Cross Roads Brewery
  • Fishers Island Lemonade
  • Gristmill Distillers
  • New Paltz Brewing Co.
  • Peony Vodka
  • RS Taylor & Sons Brewery
  • Sahm Brewing Company
  • Seneca Lake Brew
  • Tommyrotter Distillery
  • Treasury Hard Cider
  • Twin Stills
  • YaVe Tequila

And these are the food partners:

  • Aversanos
  • Corfu Grill
  • Elia’s Market
  • Essie’s Restaurant
  • Heritage Food & Drink
  • Ice & Vine
  • Le Express Bistro
  • Mason Catering
  • San Matteo Pizzeria
  • Skinny Pines
  • The Butcher Bar
  • Waffles & Dinges


3 J Ranch, 683 NY-311, Patterson, NY 12563, United States


The General Admission ticket comes with free drink tickets to the Craft Brewer’s Tent. If you want a more refined experience, get the VIP ticket. It’ll entitle you to visit the Golden Mallet Tent and enjoy the Founder’s Lounge. In this lounge you’ll be able to mingle with event partners, sponsors, and polo players.

Brew Your Best Summer!

beerGet your ticket from now and enjoy a spectacular day of fantastic brews, magical horses, delicious food, excellent vendors, fun people, and heart-pumping polo!

This Victory Cup will be the substantial evidence that the combination of beer and polo is something you’ll never expect to workout. It has everything you want to make your summer the best one yet. You’ll never leave the event thirsty or hungry; you’ll be filled like there’s no tomorrow. You can even converse with the polo players!

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