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5 of the World’s Best Cities For Beer Lovers

Beer lovers, rejoice! The number of cities where you can find great just keep on growing. With so many beer-centric destinations to choose from, here are five of the world’s best cities to visit for good beer hunting.

Bruges, Belgium
Why go: Beautiful medieval city, delicious food, artisanal beer cafes and beer bars, the beer festival, and all the great-tasting Belgian beers you can enjoy.

Munich, Germany
Why go: It would be hard to think of a reason not to visit Munich if you love beer. The Oktoberfest, breweries, beers, beer gardens, and traditional beer halls are some of the things that should be on your list.

Portland, Oregon, USA
Portland and Mt Hood
Why go: Portland is known for many things including its craft beers. You can find a delicious brew everywhere — from brewpubs to restaurants that serve their own brews and everything in between.

Prague, Czech Republic
Why go: One of the world’s most stunning cities is not only home to many of its breathtaking sights. Prague’s brewpubs, beer museum, beers, and beer festivals are just some of the things that would delight beer lovers out there.

Tokyo, Japan
Why go: There is no dearth of places to find good beer in Tokyo. But microbrew enthusiasts will be happy to know that the city is brimming with spots to sample some great tasting Japanese artisanal beers. Some of the best beer bars to visit include Popeye, Craft Beer Market, Delirium Café Tokyo, Goodbeer Faucets, Nakameguro Taproom, Ushitora, and more.